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How do I copy and paste text from GTK widgets?

According to the PyGtk Tutorial, widgets of type Entry, SpinButton and TextView have some built in functionality to cut, copy and paste text to and from a clipboard. In particular, these widgets implement the Editable interface that has standard calls for clipboard functionality.

The code below creates a simple gtk.Entry widget where text can be entered. Right below this widget, there is one button to copy text inside of the entry and another to paste text from the clipboard in to the Entry widget. In addition to using the "Copy" and "Paste" buttons, users can also use CONTROL-X, CONTROL-C, and CONTROL-V to cut, copy and paste text from widgets that implement the Editable interface.

    #### Method: _createCanvas, creates a top level UI canvas object for this activity
    def _createCanvas(self):
        top_container = Notebook()
        #Create pages for the notebook
        first_page = gtk.VBox()
        second_page = gtk.VBox()
        third_page = gtk.Frame()
        #FOR FIRST PAGE:: Create a text entry box with two buttons for copy and paste right below it. 
        first_page_entry_box = gtk.VBox(homogeneous=False, spacing=5)
        button_row = gtk.HBox()
        #### Create the actual gtk.Entry for text entry
        self.clipInput = gtk.Entry(max=0)
        #### Create the copy button and assign callback
        copyClipInput = gtk.Button(label='Copy Text')
        copyClipInput.connect("clicked", self._copyClipInput_cb, None)  # CALLBACK USED WHEN COPY BUTTON PRESSED!
        button_row.pack_start(copyClipInput, expand=False, fill=False)
        #### Create the paste button and assign callback
        pasteClipInput = gtk.Button(label='Paste Text')
        pasteClipInput.connect("clicked", self._pasteClipInput_cb, None) # CALLBACK USED WHEN PASTE BUTTON PRESSED!
        #### Put everything together in the UI
        button_row.pack_start(copyClipInput, expand=False, fill=False)
        button_row.pack_start(pasteClipInput, expand=False, fill=False)
        button_row.pack_start(gtk.Label(''), expand=True, fill=True) #for appearance purposes
        first_page_entry_box.pack_start(self.clipInput, expand=False, fill=False)
        first_page_entry_box.pack_start(button_row, expand=False, fill=False)
        first_page.pack_start(gtk.Label(''), expand=True, fill=True) #for appearance purposes

    #### Method: _copyClipInput_cb, which is called when the "Copy Text" button is clicked
    def _copyClipInput_cb(self, widget, data=None):
        #Select all text in self.copyClipInput and copy it to the clipboard
        self.clipInput.select_region(0, -1)
        _logger.debug("$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Copy button pressed")

    #### Method: _pasteClipInput_cb, which is called when the "Paste Text" button is clicked
    def _pasteClipInput_cb(self, widget, data=None):
        _logger.debug("******************* Paste button pressed.")

Note that when you cut or copy text programmatically, you must first select a region in the widget. That is why we have the call to select_region() in the _copyClipInput_cb method. The -1 argument ensures that all text in the widget is selected. [1]