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(xulrunner-dev is listed as sysdep, no need to list separately)
(rpath has been fixed upstream)
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  ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck -s | sudo xargs aptitude -y install
  ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck -s | sudo xargs aptitude -y install
== Fixing RPATH ==
To work around a bug in the Gnome Python bindings, you need to issue the following commands after installing all dependencies:
sudo aptitude install chrpath
find /usr/lib/pyshared/python2.*/gtk-2.0 -name "*.so" | sudo xargs chrpath -d

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Supported versions

Currently squeeze (testing) and sid (unstable) are supported.


In order to install sugar-jhbuild, you need to install git-core, lsb-release, python and subversion:

aptitude install git-core lsb-release python subversion

Installing dependencies

After installing and updating sugar-jhbuild according to the common instructions, you can use this invocation to install all dependencies automatically:

./sugar-jhbuild depscheck -s | sudo xargs aptitude -y install