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  • Quick update about what we have been working on and eventually the problems we have run into.
  • Discussion about the implementation details of tickets we are planning to work on. Figure out how to split up the work and who should be owning the various parts.
  • Questions from activity authors about specific aspects of the platform and more in general on how to better integrate their activity in Sugar. Report about problems they run into.
  • Help out new contributors to figure out where to start. Point out the tickets we need help with, discuss with them the implementation.

When and where

  • weekly
  • tusday
  • 17.00(UTC)
  •, #olpc-meeting

Every tuesday on, in the #olpc-meeting channel. Since people from the outside might not have the time to join weekly we will alternate in big and small meetings. The big meeting will try to be more general to allow to get the big picture. The first meeting in 2008 (19th February) was a big meeting so the 26th February will be a small one and so on... The time is not well defined yet but for now we scheduled it at 17.00(UTC). To convert UTC to your local time, take a look at or run: date -d '2008-02-18 17:00 UTC'


The meeting is mainly targeted to Sugar core and activity developers, but everyone interested is welcome to join. It's primary purpose is to try to open up a bit the development, make it more transparent and allow the community to participate more easily. For when to join best see 'When and Where'.


Tuesday March 4 2008 ("big")



  • person, task, where
  • Homunq, Develop, Guatemala (UTC-6)
  • morgs, presence, ZA
  • bertf, Etoys, Germany


Tuesday February 26 2008 ("small")



tomeu, erikos, garycmartin, morgs


Tuesday February 19 2008 ("big")



tomeu, erikos, cjb, ChristophD, daja77, Ridderman


  • roadmap:
    • Tomeu tried to describe the latest mockups for the New Home view and Frame design.
    • UI for sugar-control-panel, ChristophD appearently did some work on this (early screenshot and info)
  • Activity handbook:
    • "The purpose of the activity handbook is to provide you with all the information you need in order to get started with software development for the OLPC XO."
    • currently working on chapters about GUI elements and Journal, next update should become available over the next 2 weeks
  • distribute/share activity
    • distribute Journal entries and activities
    • use ObjectChooser to choose the object to share
    • bemasc was not around to discuss his activity
  • Message Board activity
    • the idea is to have some way of providing a persistent message board without a school server or Internet access.
    • if you have a school server it could be a webpage on the school server
    • for example, every laptop could broadcast every message board note it's seen and the activity could know to collate them and remove duplicates
    • passing a USB stick with a portable mediawiki

Tuesday October 30 2007

(all the meeting logs go here:

  • How do we log the meeting. (see above)
  • Quick status updates.
  • Reinier introduction.
  • #4022 browser cannot open files generated by view source.
  • #3239 Control Panel, user preferences
  • Correct way to get access to temporary file space during activity execution ?
  • Update1. Branching and trac.
  • Module maintainers. Distribute the release duties.
  • Managing the build system chaos. (idea: coordinated releases of the Sugar core. What is core?)
  • How do we bring back joyride into shape.
  • What API changes to expect before next milestone.

Who is where:

bertf: Germany
Cassidy: BE
daf: UK
edsiper: Chile
Erikos: Germany
hmmmbird: SA
marcopg: Italy
morgs: SA
rwh: NL
Sjoerd: NL
smcv: UK
bertf:		E-toys, implementing tubes
Smcv:		audit/improve tubes usage
edsiper:	developer console: stripping down, composed of 3 activities: Analyze, Log, Terminal
cassidy:	finishing stream tubes in Salut
morgs:		working on PresenceService reliability improvements, Connect
sjoerd:		finishing 
hmmmbird:	WorldWideWorkshop Joke Machine (waiting #3060)
marcopg:	had meeting with Ivan and Tomeu about backups, marcopg & Tomeu do sugar side, Ivan client/server (school server), fighting with build system
erikos:		works on control panel, functioning version
tomeu:		next to backups, screenshots
uwogBB:	Implement support for custom keybindings, develop AbiCollab debug tooling, Implement "find" support in Write (done)


bertf:		talk to smcv about tubes
marcopg:	list of activities, list of modules, assign some sugar + activity tickets to rwh, drop the created xm branch and create an update1 one
morgs:		talk to jg about getting bot up for logs
smcv:		post logs at:
erikos: 	check for #4022 everything for 'Hint write about using txt with a view_source property' seems in place already
erikos: 	control panel, user preferences:do not move olpc-update into script, fix radio on/off, restart sugar
hmmmbird:	Correct way to get access to temporary file space during activity execution ? should use use get_activity_root() instead of /tmp 
everyone: 	read Walter's mail for clarification of the names (Update1 etc)
module_owners: module owners should create update1 branches as necessary (help:

  • The branch/build procedure discussion is moved to the journal/tubes meeting