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By this point, you should have a working Sugar environment (or a substitute for it), a project idea, and an idea how and where to ask for help if you have problems. The next step is to actually start coding.


PyGTK developers will find a collection of Tutorials available, from very simple Hello World projects to an in-depth description of the development of Block Party.

Pygame developers will likely want to start with:

EToys/Smalltalk developers will want to start with Smalltalk Development on XO.


  • API Reference -- pointers to the various libraries' reference documentation.

You can also run the pydoc script on an XO in order to have browseable pydoc documentation locally. To do this, open a Terminal activity and run:

 pydoc -p 8080

then open a Web Browser activity and go to the url:


to view the documentation. This approach works best with Python-coded libraries which have spent some time on their docstrings (and generally requires that you know English, as most docstrings are written in English).


  • The Developer's Category collects everything in the wiki that's been tagged as pertaining to developers (it's a bit hard to navigate)
  • Sugar Code Snippets a few canonical code fragments that may be of use when coding in PyGTK


The Developer's FAQ is large enough to merit its own page in the Developer's manual.


As with most Open Source software projects, we have difficulties with documentation. We are very interested in finding people interested in documenting the system. If you are too shy about your coding skills to write code, helping us document the code-base would be an amazing and valuable contribution.

Helping organize the wiki (the web site you are currently reading) to better document the platform and development process would also be very helpful.

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