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Getting the sources

If you want to package sugar for your favourite distribution or just want to examine sugar's lovely code ;) you can find all the source code of each module at the links below.

Note: Please use the latest tarballs from here

Glucose modules

(The page Category:Source architecture may help understand the structure and function of the below. You also obtain a full copy of the source by building sugar-jhbuild; it goes in the sugar-jhbuild/source directory.)

Fructose modules

Sugar dependencies

The Sugar interface is based on the GNOME and freedesktop software stacks, using technologies like Gtk+, dbus, xorg, matchbox-window-manager and gconf. It is written in Python, making it easily extended. For the collaboration part, Sugar is using the telepathy framework.

The activities depend on technologies like xulrunner for the browser, abiword for the write activity and squeak for etoys.