Development Team/Sugar-Build

sugar-build it is an alternative of sugar-jhbuild developed by Daniel Narvaez that allow us to get a development version of Sugar easier than with sugar-jhbuild. Also, it works on Fedora 16, 17 and Ubuntu 12.

Getting the source code

First of all, you should clone the git repository by executing:

git clone git://

After that, you should download all the needed libraries to build Sugar. There is a really easy way to do this by running:


When the make process finishes Sugar will be able to be ran. To do this, you just have to execute:

make run

This will open a new X server. Then you will be able to switch between you desktop and Sugar with Ctrl + Alt + F1 and Ctrl + Alt + F2

NOTE: please, if you find a bug open a ticket with the description of the error.