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Welcome to the Xoos Special interest group.

Mission: Create and nurture a community of contributors with knowledge and experience developing for the XO. While raising raise the visibility and importance of the XO within the Sugar community.... without violating upstream/downstream abstraction barriers. Instead the focus will be create an upstream community which evolves into a valuable contributor for OLPC.

For general questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for XO Operating System.

Project Goals

Long term objective is to create a frequently released (every 6 months) community developed and supported distribution for the XO. This would leave OLPC free to focus on the infrequent, stable releases necessary for mass deployment.

The initial objective will be to: 1. Create daily builds 1a. Document the process of creating daily builds to lower the barrior of entry for new contributors. 2. Create XooS releases 2a. document the release cycle to lower the barrior of entry for new contributors.

Please contribute to this page XO Operating System/Goals.

Would you like to help?... Sugar Labs is entirely volunteer run. Please get involved.

Let us know how it goes. /Getting Involved