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Current Status

Regressions since 0.84

Status Task Owner
DONE:os215 Frame does not always show up (with frame key or going to the corner)
DONE:os205 Translation of "Dismount" is "Eliminar" bernie
DONE:os215 Port-forward bugfix for race condition in activity title bernie
DONE:os215 Port-forward 0.84 patch for GsmPalette.get_state() name clash tch
DONE:os259 ALT-TAB does not switch between apps tch, bernie
DONE:os243 Browse: widgets in forms are 0x0 pixels bernie
DONE:os244 Icons in activity circle are too small (DPI problem?) jasg
DONE:os252 Font size in Terminal too large (DPI problem?) jasg
DONE:os248 Username selection is being skipped on first boot tch
DONE:os223 Add back Write, eToys bernie
WorksForMe Laptop does not sleep when lid closed tch
DONE:os251 Sound breaks in all activities after using Record once (need Record v77) dsd?
DONE:os251 UI of Record activity is garbled m_anish
DONE:os250 #1883: Sugar does not automatically associate with AP on startup bernie
DONE:os231 Memorize does not start because it fails to import libxml2 bernie
DONE:os205 Use es-lat for console keyboard bernie
DONE:os259 Activities sometimes start and remain in window, File:Untitled.jpg screenshot File:TmpxWzNZv.png ; (Window appears at least briefly on all launches) aa
Pulsing launch icon is delayed or absent; occasional "activity failed to start" message then the activity starts tch
DONE:os259 Measure sometimes locks up on recording, quitting from frame then brings up metacity dialog "activity is not responding"
DONE: Needs RPM update #2064: Sugar sometimes restarts; only seen 3 times, twice clicking on journal and once deleting a journal entry bernie
DONE:V70 Font in Write is small (problem caused by patch for #1121) alsroot, bernie
DONE:os252 When opening an epub with read V86, zoom works on the text but not graphics, may not be specific to this OS but considering the other scaling bugs ... jasg
DONE:V89 Turtle Blocks V88 ctrl c ctrl v do not work walter
DONE:os253 Search bar in home page of Browse is too long and overflows off-screen bernie
DONE:os298 Journal list view icon does not display after selection (os258) File:Listviewos258.jpg ( [PATCH] fix malformed svg module-updater icon revealed in F13 ?) aa
DONE:os259 Default font, menus etc seems large, larger than it used to be jasg
DONE:os298 Etoys does not save any more to the journal (ctime problem) aa

Non-regression bugs (also present in Sugar 0.84)

Status Task Owner
Disconnects from network on power save pgf
DONE:??? Cannot create tabs in browse m_anish
DONE:os255 Twice only, boot has frozen on the first dot of the loading clock, before Sugarlabs Fedora logos appear bernie
#1999: Raul's bug about journal browser overlapping activities
DONE:NotABug #2011: Record activity cannot be quit with CTRL-W m_anish
DONE:NotABug Sugar should restart/refresh after updating activities tch
DONE:os205 Keep -> Keep a copy (fold into stop menu) jasg
DONE:os240 Dates of activities don't make any sense bernie
DONE:os240 Pippy layout is broken m_anish
DONE:os245 Sugarized version of scratch dirakx
#2023: Cannot associate to AP with accented letters in SSID carlos
DONE:os240 Enable f11-xo1-0.88 yum repos for updates bernie
DONE:os254 Mesh icons duplicated in Neighbor View on NM restart tch
DONE:os240 Split "freeworld" packages to a separate repository bernie
Review old bugs filed against F11-XO1-PY 0.84 carlos
DONE:os250 Double clicking activities on journal opens 2 or 3 instances tch
DONE:os268 Can't upload images to (tabs needed) carlos
DONE:notIncludedYet #1512 Erasure of downloaded Activity entries in Journal permanently removes the code bundle tch
DONE:notIncludedYet The "Discard network history" feature is not implemented. The solution for this bug is temporary and requires reboot the machine. A most definitive solution is waiting for test (and maybe for some changes) in this ticket #1673 dcastelo
PENDING #2111 The feature "Journal Entry Transfer" doesn't work dcastelo

New features

Status Task Owner
DONE:os205 Switch power management from ohm to powerd bernie
DONE:os223 Add StopWatch, Finance, JukeBox, ImageViewer, InfoSlicer bernie
DONE:os260 Add Words (not on aslo) and GetBooks bernie, sayamindu
WONTFIX Resurrect Rainbow support
DONE:os260 Integrate journalmanagement extension jasg
DONE:os283 #2006: Merge touchpad patches from walter bernie
DONE:os223 Journal size display aa
DONE:os260 Integrate Esteban's backup to USB/SD tch
DONE:os260 Integrate DCastelo's GSM bugfixes tch
DONE:os253 Disabling Hot corners from the frame option tch
DONE:os322 Accessibility control panel - keyboard options esteban
DONE:os322 Accessibility control panel - screen options esteban
DONE:os322 Accessibility control panel - mouse options esteban
DONE:os322 Accessibility Virtual keyboard esteban
Accessibility Magnifier dcastelo-esteban

Experimental features

Status Task Owner
DONE: os240 experimental menu speedup patch mstone (bernie)
DONE: os240 kill the MANIFEST file bernie