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See also open bugs

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
Make activities work in Gnome without Sugar (controversial) Review
Make Gnome applications work seamlessly within Sugar Review
Pending? Webkit integration  ? lucian Medium
Faster activity startup / memory savings (link to sugar-devel discussion and Quozl's research) Quozl Review
Integration with social networks Review
Bidirectional Journal gateway for Gnome torello, jasg
Pending Feature-complete packaging system (PackageKit, 0sugar...) alsroot
OS: "Panic key" to restore default settings for GNOME and Sugar Review
Working prototype Multiple item selection in the Journal tch Design + code review
Updater similar to puppet (plain ceibal) Review?
Automatically register to Schoolserver tch Review?
Make Schoolserver visible in neighbor view review?
Design board Cloud Journal extension  ? tch  ?

UI Changes

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
Pending Figure out why so many control panels require restarting Sugar, and fix them not to (MEDIUM):

Because we use GConf for settings, we should be able to setup callbacks to be invoked on any change.

(check with Hemanshu?)
DONE kill the "Mute" function on the volume icon in the frame (EASY):

I can't think of a useful use-case for it, and children often manage to turn on muting by simply clicking on the speaker icon (which is a lame UI, btw). If we remove this feature, we have to unconditionally unmute on startup! (Gary agreed and asked to file a ticket)

Control panel items reduction

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
Power has only 2 options, they could go into a context menu on the battery icon in the frame
Backup/restore -> journal (or a schoolserver icon in the mesh view)
accessibility -> fold into keyboard
modem config -> context menu on the modem icon in the frame

See also Dextrose/3/Todo/EduJAM for a bunch of things we brainstormed together during EduJAM/2011.