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New versions fixed functionality problems
New versions fixed functionality problems
We should focus on fixing these problems and new enhancements
We should focus on fixing these problems and new enhancements
but crucial to deployments. All the development muscle will be focused in Surf.
but crucial to deployments. All the development muscle will be focused in Webkit porting.
===org.laptop.sugar.ReadActivity Read===
===org.laptop.sugar.ReadActivity Read===

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TODO Tables; Ordering

Note: This activities list has names of people actually maintaining and names of dev support from Dextrose Activity team, it doesn't have all proper names of original developers.

  • 1. Activities are those that we work and support 80% of the time as dextrose activities team (part of AC)
  • 2. Activities are those that we work 20% as dextrose activities team (part of AC)
  • 3. These are activities that are left to community to work on

Originally Taken from: http://activities.paraguayeduca.org/

1 Priority

org.laptop.sugar.GetBooksActivity Get Books

  • Notes: Gonzalo is the maintainer.
  • DX person:
  • Status: No open bugs here.

org.laptop.RecordActivity Record

org.laptop.AbiWordActivity Write

  • Actual Maintainer: Gonzalo
  • Notes:
  • DX person: dirakx
  • State: Needs enhancements and new features.
  • Bugs:

org.laptop.WebActivity Browse

  • Notes:
  • DX person: dirakx
  • Status: Cleaning bug queue

New versions fixed functionality problems We should focus on fixing these problems and new enhancements but crucial to deployments. All the development muscle will be focused in Webkit porting.

org.laptop.sugar.ReadActivity Read

org.laptop.Terminal Terminal

  • Notes: dirakx has commit access and maintainership permission by saya.
  • DX person: dirakx
  • State: Fixing bug queue, new release needed.


  • Notes Fixes not upstreamed in


TamTamMini TamTam

  • Notes: alsroot, gonzalo dirakx: We are helping, but TamTam suite needs a maintainer.

Originally written by Jean Piché and his students at the University of Montreal

  • DX Person:
  • State: Fixing bug queue, needs new release.


  • Notes: m_anish is principal MAINTAINER.
  • Satus: Fixing bug queue, narrowing down to enhancements, need new release.

Changes in mainline Needs packaging.

  • DX person: dirakx


  • Notes:
  • Maintainer: Gonzalo.
  • Status:
  • Bugs:



2. Priority

Edit ntt

  • Notes: has new toolbars in git but not released yet in a new bundle.

Doesn't have a trac component. [] Status

  • DX person: Dirakx

org.laptop.TurtleArtActivity Turtle BLocks

  • Notes: This is greatly maintained by walter, we can analyse the oportunity of making TA specific plugins for deployments.
  • Maintainer: Walter

org.laptop.Oficina Paint

  • Notes:

Oficina was originally written by students at Escola Politécnica of Universidade de São Paulo

  • Maintainer: Gonzalo
  • DX person:
  • Status:

org.tuxpaint Tux Paint MIA

  • Notes:
  • DX person:
  • Status:

vu.lux.olpc.Speak AC

  • Notes:
  • Maintainer: dirakx
  • Status: Fixing bugs, new enhancements.

org.laptop.MeasureActivity Measure

  • Maintainer:Walter
  • Notes:Would be nice to give a hand here.
  • DX person: dirakx
  • Status:
  • Bugs:

org.laptop.Log Log

  • Notes:
  • Status: Active.
  • Maintainer: gonzalo.
  • DX person: dirakx
  • Bugs:

net.gcompris GCompris

  • Notes
  • DX person:
  • Bugs:

org.laptop.physics Physics garycmartin

  • Notes:
  • DX person:
  • Status:

org.gnome.Labyrinth Labyrinth garycmartin

  • Notes:
  • Maintainer: garycmartin
  • DX person:
  • Status:

vu.lux.olpc.Maze Maze AC dirakx

  • Notes:Enhancements needed.
  • Maintainer: Rafael Ortiz


  • Notes:
  • Maintainer:garycmartin
  • DX person:
  • Status: Actively maintained by Gary


  • Notes: Has new toolbars now.
  • Status: dirakx has commit access, Fran will do new releases.

DX person: dirakx

org.laptop.Memorize Memorize

  • Maintainer:Walter/Gcmartin
  • Notes:
  • DX person:


  • Maintainer: Rafael Ortiz
  • Notes: Used by AU deployment
  • DX person: Rafael Ortiz


org.laptop.StopWatchActivity StopWatch (AC/ben/Dirakx Icarito)

  • Notes:Needs enhancements, new features.
  • DX person:

org.sugarlabs.AbacusActivity Abacus Walter

  • Notes:

org.laptop.community.tetrismat Tetris Mat N/A

  • Notes:

Moon Moon garycmartin

  • Notes: Actively maintained.

org.laptop.Words Words (AC/Ben Dirakx-Icarito)

  • Notes: Enhancements new features.

org.laptop.community.TypingTurtle Typing Turtle:

  • Notes:Gonzalo now has commit access, will do releases.

org.laptop.community.Colors Colors N/A

  • Notes: Wade Brainerd <wadetb@gmail.com>

We need contact him. I have sent patches a few months ago (before the release of 10.3.1) but there are not in git yet, and there are not a new release.

org.laptop.ImageViewerActivity Image Viewer MIA?

  • Notes:Gonzalo has now commit access.

org.worldwideworkshop.olpc.FlipSticks Flip Sticks MIA

org.laptop.community.TurtleMachine Turtle Machine mulawa1

New release is 21 mulawa is the dev/maintainer.

com.laptop.Ruler Ruler Walter

Originally written by Mitchell N. Charity

com.jotaro.ImplodeActivity Implode joe@jotaro.com

org.laptop.community.Spirolaterals Spirolaterals muhawua

org.laptop.sugar.Jukebox Jukebox kushal/AC?

org.laptop.Arithmetic Arithmetic N/A

FotoToon FotoToon Gonzalo

org.sugarlabs.VisualMatchActivity Visual Match Walter

org.worldwideworkshop.PollBuilder Poll

  • Ac has helped in doing new version 11 to fix bugs.


  • 1 and 2 priority activities are (and have to be) mostly and thoughtfully tested under Dextrose OS builds.