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Welcome to the DocumentationTeam FAQ! The aim of this page is to provide an up to date list of common questions that we get about the DocumentationTeam. This page contains many frequently-asked questions along with some answers.

To ask a new Documentation question, please post your question(s) here. We encourage you to answer questions and keep these pages organized.

What documentation is needed?

See OLPC Publications for a partial answer. This addresses primarily hardware and software documentation for students, teachers, system administrators, and developers, and the separate issue of localization. There are proposals for teacher training and textbooks, but little is available.

What resources are available for creating documents?

and other such locations.

How do I get involved?

See Community/GettingInvolved for general information. Beyond that, look at what is being done, and offer to write, edit, or test something.

Who is working on documentation?

See DocumentationTeam/Contacts.

See the Community FAQ for more answers.