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Most part of the Sugar documentation and resources are out-of-date. The idea is to provide Sugar 1.0 with up-to-date documentation.


Action Status Date
Join all documentation resources Current From February 1st 2013 to March 12th 2013
Sugar feature cycle begins
Time to purpose the ways to write and provide documentation.
Current Unknown
Time to have user guides for Sugar and its core activities.
Pending From March 12th 2013
Add your point here... Unknown Unknown
Sugar feature cycle closes
Deadline to purpose new ideas.
Coming Unknown.
Sugar 1.0 Release Candidate
Time to update documentation Screenshots.
Coming Waiting for Sugar 1.0 Release Schedule
Sugar 1.0.x bugfixed Release
All work is released.
Coming Waiting for Sugar 1.0 Release Schedule


There is multiple documentation, some out-of-date, and some being updated. These are the resources to join and create an only documentaton.

Title Status
Sugar FLOSS Manual Out of date since 2011
XO Manual (Sugar chapters) Sugar content deprecated
OLPC-SF Summit 2011 Work Not finished. Needs a very short update.
Activity specific chapters Incomplete. Will need a short update near the 1.0 release.
Sugar Tutorials Up-to-date. dd write to USB SAMPLE.iso of tutorial.pdf's (insert USB and open with write in sugar) 5.3M or Save tutorials as .html files
TurtleArt-Tutorials Turtle Art comes with many sample project. Below are more examples created by community members
Specific Activity Pages list of activity home pages:
The undiscoverable features of Sugar Guide to the non-obvious; hard to find details
Add your link here ...

Components to document

Sugar environment

Basics - Sugar in Use

  • Opening, closing, saving data in Journal, collaboration, etc.


Feel free to add a core activity.

  • Core activity guides
    • Browse
      • XO Manual (Very old)
      • Sugar FLOSS Manual (Last update: Sugar 0.86)
      • SF Summit Work (Sugar 0.94, needs screen-shots with Sugar 1 style)
      • Unable to run and videos in soas v8 Browse (See Discussion)
    • Calculate
    • Chart
    • Chat Chat Tutorial
    • Dimensions
    • Etoys (Already documented by Squeakland, low priority)
    • Fototoon
    • Irc IRC Tutorial
    • Jukebox
    • Labyrinth
    • Measure
    • Memorize
    • Paint
    • Physics
    • Pippy
    • Portfolio
    • Record
    • Read
    • Scratch (Already documented, low priority)
    • Terminal
    • Tam Tam
    • Turtle Blocks
    • Wikipedia
    • Write

Multimedia content

  • Mute video/animation purposes
    • Add your purpose here
  • Videos with audio purposes
    Research about i18n.
    • Add your purpose here.

Writing format

The purpose is about using Mallard to have i18n support.

Activity documentation template

This template is used in wiki pages and modified to be a user guide provided optionally with each activity.

About Portfolio

Using Portfolio

  • The Toolbars
  • Saving to PDF

Learning with Portfolio

  • Samples of student work

Extending Portfolio