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Try Sugar:

Try our most stable Sugar on a Stick, v1 Strawberry release.

Are you a Windows, Macintosh, or GNU/Linux user?

See specific instructions from the Sugar on a Stick, v1 Strawberry release for your operating system by clicking its icon below:

Windows.gif Apple.gif Penguin.png

Are you a developer or Beta tester?

Please select your favorite distribution below for instructions on installing Sugar.

Fedora-small.jpg Sugar on a Stick, v2 Beta (Fedora 12 Alpha)

Fedora-small.jpg Debian-small.jpg Ubuntu-small.jpg Gentoo-small.png Altlinux-small.png Mandriva-small.png Caixa_M%C3%A1gica-small.jpg Suse-small.jpg

Do you have an OLPC XO-1?

Intrepid developers may experiment with Updating your XO to the latest Sugar release.


Are you looking for Sugar Activities?

Please visit our dedicated Activities download site.


Are you a developer?

Learn how to get setup on the Supported systems page.


Here are some additional references you may find useful: