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Are you a Windows, Macintosh, or GNU/Linux user?

See specific instructions from the Sugar on a Stick, v1 Strawberry release for your operating system by clicking its icon below:

Windows.gif Apple.gif Gnulinux.png

Are you a developer or Beta tester?

Please select your favorite distribution below for instructions on installing Sugar.

Fedora-small.jpg Sugar on a Stick, v2 (Fedora 12 Alpha)

Trisquel icon.png Trisquel On A Sugar Toast (Trisquel 3.0 Dwyn)

Fedora-small.jpg Debian-small.jpg Ubuntu-small.jpg Gentoo-small.png Altlinux-small.png Mandriva-small.png link=Community/Distributions/Magalh%C3%A3es Suse-small.jpg Trisquel icon.png

Do you have an OLPC XO-1?

Intrepid developers may experiment with Updating your XO to the latest Sugar release.


Are you looking for Sugar Activities?

Please visit our dedicated Sugar Activity Library.

Sugarlabs mainpage 02.png

Are you a developer?

Learn how to get setup on the Supported systems page.


Here are some additional references you may find useful: