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Right after the eduJAM! 2011, we had the Sugar Code Sprint to work on deployment needs detected during the summit. CodeSprint eduJAM2011.jpg

  • On Sunday we had a brainstorm session to triage bug reports from the field.
  • This day was historic: For the first time the Sugar Labs Obersight Board could meet with 6 of 7 members (didn't find the minutes in
  • Code Sprint main achievements: (see whiteboard)--> PLEASE ADD LINKS TO MORE INFO OR DOWNLOAD
    • Journal
      • Cloud Journal brainstorm (many people)
      • Mockups for multiselection (tch, godiard, aq, manuq))
      • Mockups for tags (tch, godiard, aq, manuq)
      • Documents Folder patch (walter)
    • Portfolio Activity (walter, manuq)
    • Library brainstorm (godiard, manuq)
    • Social Calc fixes (nick dorion)
    • Maps Activity (nick dorion)
    • Gnumeric Activity (dirakx)
    • Etoys: download projects from Squeakland (bert)
    • Fixes for Sugar Doers Kit (SDK) (alsroot)
    • Patch workwflow Dxo - SL - OLPC (anish, erikos, martin_xsa)
    • Review reports from the field
    • Modification of 'I Can Read' activity to support sign language (walter)


  • Aaron Boarden
  • Adam Holt
  • Aleksey Lim
  • Andrés Ambrois
  • Anish Mangal
  • Bernie Innocenti
  • Bert Fruedenberg
  • Bastien Guerry
  • Christofer Roibal
  • CScott Ananian
  • Chris Ball
  • Daniel Castelo
  • Esteban Arias
  • Esteban Bordón
  • Gabriel Eirea
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Luis Michelena
  • Manuel Quiñones
  • Martín Abente
  • Nick Doiron
  • Pablo Flores
  • Rafael Ortiz
  • Rodolfo Arce
  • Sebastián Silva
  • Simon Schampijer
  • Tony Anderson
  • Vladimir Castro
  • Walter Bender

See brainstorm session

This is part of Sugar Camp Q2 2011.