EduJAM/2011/Conozco Uruguay Tour

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Saturday April 30 - Thursday May 5



The "Conoczo Uruguay" exploratory tour will bring South American (and the world's) most passionate edutechnologists and committed teachers/mentors together, to witness Uruguay's and Plan Ceibal's profound journey. In conjunction with Uruguay's stongest volunteers, from CeibalJAM! to RAP Ceibal to Flor Ceibal and beyond. As the single country which has done the most with One Laptop per Child's XO Laptop and Sugar Labs's software (the Sugar Learning Platform) there are few places on earth where humankind's increasing marriage to educational technology is on more vivid display.

Similar to the famous Sugar Activity Conozco Uruguay itself!

Who is Welcome

Tech-savvy education people from around South America. Education-savvy hackers from around the world. While OLPC and Sugar Labs experience is not required -- nor is Spanish fluency -- enthusiasms around bringing exploratory learning into the 21st century are!

We assume participants will also participate in Montevideo's Uruguay Summit 2011 May 5-7, focusing on practical futures for free educational software.

Finally, attendance will in fact be limited to a maximum number of (approximately) 15 independent travelers.


Day trips in and around Montevideo, from Saturday April 30 until Thursday May 5, with full details (a menu of options) which we anticipate to lay out here well before March 31st. Participants must be independent, able to travel lightly and completely self-sufficiently.

Map forthcoming. Possible destinations: (UNCONFIRMED)
- BAP (Barrio de Atención Prioritaria, poor hood) with RAP in Montevideo (Saturdays Apr 30 preferred)
- Euskal Erria
- Las Piedras
- Maldonado
- Tala (rural)
- Cardal (1st OLPC school)
- Paso de los Toros (small city)
- Salinas (Bernie recommends)

How On Earth Is This Possible?

Volunteers from RAP Ceibal, CeibalJAM! and Flor de Ceibal have spent over 3 years building real-world community networks to bring Uruguay's youth and families more meaningfully into the 21st century. If globalism means anything at all, it means paying full and proper respect to people like these who organize to make a difference.


Options to be Determined. Wifi access will be sought where possible, but not guaranteed.


Expect to pay $500 or higher for housing/food/bus etc to cover your 6 days, from Saturday April 30 to Thursday May 5 inclusive. Homestays may reduce this cost if we are so lucky to build strong local relationships.


Please write to explaining what you hope to bring to the group! Thanks for including the reasons you're interested -- and what you want to get out of this lifetime opportunity. Remember to list ALL allergies and medical conditions, roommate preferences, as well as your phone number(s).

Reality Check: If you are looking for packaged voluntourism and flush toilets at every turn, you've come to the wrong place. Have you traveled in developing countries before? You must be an independent traveler, open-hearted with all comers, understanding Uruguay is a safe country but not without its risks. And Take Complete Medical/Insurance/Safety/Financial Precautions.

Potential Participants

Aaron Borden
Adam Holt
Bernie Innocenti
Caryl Bigenho
Christoph Derndorfer
Ed Bigenho
Harriet Vidyasagar
Nick Doiron
Pablo Flores
Sameer Verma
Sascha Silbe
Simon Schampijer


Leticia Romero?
Rocío Medina?
Micaela Flores?
Pablo Flores?
Adam Holt