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== Program ==
== Program ==
A first sketch of the event (''preliminary,'' [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtJak21PulvBdHBQQ0w0QXRudVZEYTcyRmN3UFMwa1E see also update here!]) is as follows:
A first sketch of the event (''preliminary,'' [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtJak21PulvBdHBQQ0w0QXRudVZEYTcyRmN3UFMwa1E see also update here!])
[File:EduJAM 2013 - Programa digital.jpg FINAL]
is as follows:
Program committee:
Program committee:
* Gonzalo Odiard  
* Gonzalo Odiard  
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* Claudia Urrea
* Claudia Urrea
* Mary Gomez
* Mary Gomez
== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==

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It's true!!!

EduJam 2013!!!

This page is for planning the EduJAM! summit in Paraguay October 10th to 13th 2013.

WEB: Visit our website!

Main goals

  • Sharing experiences among global Sugar and OLPC deployments
  • Encouraging the creation of local communities and strengthening existing ones
  • Getting updates on the current activities of OLPC, Sugar, TurtleArt and technology and learning projects of MIT
  • Encouraging the participation of local communities in the overall project


A first sketch of the event (preliminary, see also update here!)

[File:EduJAM 2013 - Programa digital.jpg FINAL]

is as follows:

Program committee:

  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Walter Bender
  • Leticia Romero
  • Martín Abente
  • Claudia Urrea
  • Mary Gomez


If you want to attend, please write us: edujam@googlegroups.com

Including Volunteer Organizers: Martín Abente, Walter Bender, Pablo Flores, Gonzalo Odiard, Leticia Romero, Micaela Acosta

Add yourself to this list:

  • Claudia Urrea
  • Leticia Romero
  • Micaela Acosta
  • Martín Abente
  • Walter Bender
  • Pablo Flores
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Manuel Quiñones
  • Tony Forster
  • Ignacio Escudero
  • Henry Coca Garamendi
  • Andres Aguirre
  • Juan Bautista Sartorio
  • Gary Servin
  • Carla Oros
  • María Elena García

See also https://www.facebook.com/events/437684979683491/ , 49 going, 17 maybe as at 26 September


At Sunday 13th, we will do a Hackaton, a developing workshop, with tasks for every level. The idea is allow participation of every one who want learn how to, or help in Sugar and activities development.

Some proposals:

  • Instalation and test of new features in Sugar 0.100
  • Bugs triage
  • Finance activity (proposed by PY)
  • Create a Wikipedia Guaraní activity.
  • Translation of Help activity to "es"
  • Activities improvements
  • Web activities workshop.
  • Collaboration blocks for Butia
  • Turtle Blocks export to HTML5/Javascript

NOTE: If participants go with their own computers for development, is encouraged the installation of sugar-build (http://developer.sugarlabs.org/dev-environment.md.html)


El domingo 13, vamos a realizar un Hackaton, una actividad de desarrollo, con tareas para cada nivel. La idea es permitir la participación de todo el que quiera aprender o ayudar en el desarrollo de Sugar.

Algunas ideas:

  • Instalacion y prueba de nuevas caracteristicas de sugar 0.100
  • Control de bugs.
  • Actividad Finance (lo que pidieron ustedes)
  • Armar una wikipedia Guaraní.
  • Traduccion de la actividad Help en -> es
  • Mejoras en actividades
  • Taller de actividades web
  • Bloques de colaboracion por Butia
  • Turtle Blocks exportar a HTML5/Javascript

NOTA: A quienes llevan sus computadoras para desarrollar se les recomienda instalar sugar-build (http://developer.sugarlabs.org/dev-environment.md.html)


Thursday and Friday:

Facultad Politecnica de la Universidad Nacional de Asuncion (UNA) UNA.jpg


Universidad del Norte de Caacupe


ABC Color

The program is also showing events at Paraguay Educa and the Sheraton



We'll put here some more information about possible places for staying.


The following 4 are from edujam.wix:

Near UNA (Universidad Nacional de Asunción):

  • Badenia Hotel Garni 2, Fernando De La Mora, Paraguay
  • Hotel del Sur Av Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia, San Lorenzo, Paraguay
  • Liz Hotel Gral Genes, San Lorenzo, Paraguay
  • Hotel Universitario P. J. Carles, San Lorenzo, Paraguay

Paraguay (generally) uses 220V European electrical outlets so please consider bringing a small converter.

Wifi access will be sought where possible, but not guaranteed.


Saturday's Turtle Art Day is in Caacupe, 30 km from Asuncion. A bus is being provided. See registration below.




Visas are not required for most US, Canada, Europe.

My advice on phoning the embassy is that Australian and New Zealand citizens need a visa [1]which costs US$135 for Australians or US$140 New Zealanders. The embassy is in Canberra and processing takes 2-5 days plus mailing time. However Wikipedia indicates that you can get a visa on arrival at the Asuncion main airport [2] this may be true and the phone advice incomplete or Wikipedia may be out of date.