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We are said to be responsible for setting the Educational goals for the Sugar Community, but this says both too much and too little. In the long run, the children have to set their educational goals, rather than those whom the accidents of history and politics have put in power. Here are some things we can do:

  • Start the very large and wide-ranging discussion about appropriate education theory (based on scientific study of children and adults, such as schoolteachers);
  • Start the discussion about appropriate education practice, based on scientific study of what works under various circumstances for what purposes;
  • Start the discussion about appropriate uses of computers in education, including software design, textbook redesign, and other content, and about what computers are good for in general;
  • Mediate between these desiderata and what is possible on the available and imminent hardware platforms, given the current and projected state of connectivity, rural electricity, the other issues and obstacles of poverty, and the current state of Sugar;
  • Share lots of examples of what works (and what doesn't)—along with a discussion of how and why.
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We'll be having an Education Team meeting on Friday, 6 March, at 15 UTC (10 EST) on #sugar-meeting


  1. Introduce ourselves (If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to be introduced to the group, please send User:Walter an email)
  2. Discuss the mission of the Education Team (See the strawman here)
  3. Design a survey for the teachers attending a Sugar workshop in Uruguay (We have a short window of opportunity to get feedback from 600 teachers who have been using Sugar in their classrooms for 1 year.)
  4. Decide on a regular meeting time (If you cannot attend, please suggest times that would work better for you.)

Please contact User:Walter in advance regarding other pressing topics.

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