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OLPC XOs provide several programming languages:

  • Turtle Art
  • Python (Pippy activity)
  • Smalltalk (Etoys activity)
  • Perl (no Sugar activity)
  • FORTH (Open Firmware, alternate boot)

Other programming languages that are not provided as activities can be installed using yum in Terminal, and run from the command line. These include

  • UCBLogo
  • J (a version of APL)
  • clisp (Common LISP)
  • gforth (GNU FORTH)

and many more, generally of less interest to children. There are also mathematics languages including programming capability, which are addressed elsewhere in this Wiki.

Teaching programming in early grades is a well-established practice. We need to create teacher training materials for all of the available languages, showing among other things how to transition from one to another. Then we need to integrate programming into every subject at every grade level.

Turtle Art





Open Firmware and FORTH



J under GPL announcement