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"Worldwide people are testing and improving Sugar on a Stick. With the help of people like you, trying it and telling us what problems and suggestions you have, we plan to having this in the first classrooms this fall and in the first schools schoolwide in the Spring. This is an all volunteer effort and your help, even now when we still have a lot of bugs, is really important."

Please add your questions for teachers here

jt4sugar: Ask the teachers in Uraguay to tell us how they would get other teachers involved

In questions, we should try to separate the concepts of

  • access to computers,
  • electronic content,
  • the specific features of the XO hardware,
  • the operating system Sugar,
  • the Activities, and
  • internet access.

Thoughts on the OLPC five core principles—

  • Child Ownership,
  • Low Ages,
  • Saturation,
  • Connection, and
  • Free and Open Source.

How important are they in the context of your community?

The OLPC can be customised for the local language. How far has this proceeded? How important is it? What are the problems? What are the perspectives of different stakeholder groups?

How can ICT in general and Sugar in particular be appropriated to meet local needs? Are there any anecdotes of appropriation?

How might ICT education in general and Sugar in particular change relationships between people in your country, for example gender access to technology, relationships between children and adults, urban and village? How might kinship relationships be enhanced or weakened?

- Tony

We should get feedback on the Journal, View Source, and Collaboration...