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Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
outreach to Lesley University Walter high meeting with senior admin. Lesley has a great alumni network and tremendous outreach into classrooms throughout the US

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
See if any of Concord Consortium's free content and software can be brought into Sugar Owner Priority Next Milestone http://www.concord.org/resources/browse/172/
Create an activity to allow storing and reading CAST books on Sugar Owner Priority Next Milestone http://bookbuilder.cast.org/library.php?search=&item=&area=&genre=&gk=&g1=&g2=&g3=&g4=&g6=&g9=&page=1&sort=approved&order=desc

Completed Tasks

Task Owner Priority Completion Date Notes

See the Community TODO list for more thing that need doing.