Features/FreeDesktop integration


This is a general feature encompassing several details in integration with regular expected behaviour by a X11 FreeDesktop compliant shell and applications. This includes:

  • Support for launching GTK3 Sugar Activities outside Sugar (merged).
  • Support for launching GTK2 Sugar Activities outside Sugar
  • Support for launching Sugar Web Activities outside Sugar.
  • Support for displaying X11 icons in frame (previously done)
  • Support for launching Linux Apps from .desktop files.
  • Run Journal outside Sugar
  • Run Sugar alongside foreign panels
  • Explore GtkHeader theming as a Sugar Toolbar
  • Explore adding handles for moving Activities [outside sugar]


  • Email: sebastian [at] sugarlabs.org

Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.110
  • Last updated: Sebastian (talk) 02:40, 17 April 2016 (EDT)
  • Percentage of completion: 70%

Detailed Description

I believe will help adoption and testing of Sugar Activities.

Benefit to Sugar

Sugar will be come more compatible by implementing these features.


Smaller. No change for regular users.

UI Design

How to choose .desktop files to show in Sugar Launcher. How to make Journal and Activities behave well outside sugar (i.e. handle resize, multiple screens or virtual desktops)

How To Test

Existing patches have been merged.

User Experience

We gain many potential users of Activities and Sugar.


We assume Sugar will be installed.

Contingency Plan

Completed parts can be included in each release. Might take long getting having all details "right".

Release Notes

In this release it becomes possible to run Sugar activities outside the Sugar shell by using the sugar-activity command.

Comments and Discussion

  • Discussion to be held. Patches are expected to be non intrusive.