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This page is a temporary place to coordinate the work pending to port TamTam activities to Gtk3

NOTE: This is work in progress. To get a stable version of TamTam activities use the sugar-0.94 branch

This work is based in the port done by Aaron Gordon (TamTamEdit) and Kshitij Kumar (TamTamMini)


Porting TamTam suite to Gtk3 we can add support to touch interfaces and add a piano keyboard like in MusicKeyboard activity.


The first objective is port to Gtk3, without doing unneded changes on the interface.

After that we can clean up the code, and implement changes.

TamTam use a lot of custom widgets. Use standard widgets when possible simplify the code, and create a more standard


TamTamEdit and TamTamMini start but not all the functionalities are available.

TamTamJam starts, but need work in the canvas


  • Easy: pep8 cleaning
  • Easy: remove unused imports
  • Medium: The all the custom buttons (common/util/ThemeWidgets.py) use two images, almost equal but with a border to show the state. We can replace this by use only one image, and draw a border with cairo. Should be good use a testcase to check the differnt button types (gtn, radio btn, toggle btn). There are a lot of code duplicated here.
  • Medium: The vertical slider (ImageVScale) does not work.
  • Medium: Port TamTamJam
  • Medium/High: Port TamTamSynth
  • Medium: simplify code / remove unused code.
  • Easy: replace the use of Gtk.Tooltips (no longer available) by set the tooltip in every widget using widget.set_tooltip_text()
  • Easy: I don't know why, but in the code is very common the use of dictionaries to put and manipulate all the elements in the UI, this do the code over complicated and can be simplified a lot without loosing functionality.
  • Medium: add comments in the code
  • Medium: research commented features. Do you know TamTamMini have a record/play palette? I don't know if works, but there are code commented for that, and should be a good feature to have.


  • We need review functionalities, and check with the state of the art in modern tools. Later check how improve in low floor - high ceiling, and other Sugar Principies.

More information on porting activitiers to Gtk3