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The main thing in the toolkit is to remove the hippo dependency from the SugarCanvasIcon (icon.py) which is used in the shell in the Views (e.g. the activity icons, the buddy icons and the network icons) and in the Journal. The requirements to that widget are that it is an icon that can receive events. Attention has to be made to make sure that there is no visual nastiness when the icons are drawn closely together (e.g. buddy icons grouped around an activity).

A GtkEventBox can be used to receive the events even so the widget you place into that box does not have it's own window. We can put the IconBuffer from icon.py into that box, which is only used for drawing the icon, all the events are then handled by the GtkEventBox.

There is an attribute whether the event box uses a visible or invisible child window. However in GTK3, windowed widgets are no longer windows at the X level, so they can theoretically overlap without visual nastiness.