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This is a collector page for features we are considering for the Journal in the Sugar 0.96 release.


Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.96
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion:

Detailed Description

We have been discussing a number of Journal features with the learning team over the past month 1 and 2.

A summary is here summary

This page is intended to track those features as a group. Each feature also has an individual page associated with it.

Feature Description Status
Write to Journal anytime Record in the Journal at any time: Here the intent is to enable editing the description, tags or the title at any time easily from the activity, and not have to wait to get out of the activity. Unlike the Keep button we have eliminated from the last Sugar version, no copy is made; it works on a single entry. [This facilitates the use of the Journal as a lab notebook, where notes can be recorded while the user is actively doing something, not just after the fact.] File:Detailview 20110313.pdf
Journal tagging private or public Modes private / public: A problem raised by some teachers, is that Journals of his students (and school servers) are filled with music or games. With this proposal, Sugar offers you in a "public" when working at school or doing their homework, if you are using Sugar for their own interests, put your work in a "private". What is recorded in the Journal will be this way, and also can be changed from the detail view. This mode also works as a filter, so when school is not listed in the Journal all the games and songs. Furthermore, it only makes backup servers that has been recorded so public, this solves the problem of server space and preserves the privacy of students. Design mockups
Tags in Journal Default tags: At this time a tag is any text you type into the Tag field. This makes their use is unclear and not used much. We believe we can improved by making the selection of labels from a predefined (Which you can add new or remove) and display more prominently in the Journal (See a mock-up). Design mockups
Activity-specific metadata Activity-specific metadata: The work we have begun with the learning community. The idea is to record data related to the use of activity and display it in the detail view of the Journal. Patch written
Journal volume toolbar enhancement Open an activity-specific directories: This is to use the window that is currently used to select objects from the Journal from the activities, to open files in a specific directory, for example, to find examples in Turtle Art. [This will make it easier to provide and share clip art, example projects, etc.]
Multi-selection in Journal Operations on multiple files in the Journal: allow selecting multiple files for copying to a USB device or delete them. Patches under review
Features/Thumbs View in Journal
Labels on activities Labels on the activities: We could assign labels to the activities to be seen into the Home View; for example, by selecting activities programming or media handling. [As a start, we can pull these labels from the categories assigned by the activity developer on activities.sugarlabs.org (ASLO).]
Audio tags Audio Tags: We could add the ability to record a short audio associated with the journal entry. We have to think how to record, display and how to limit the length of the audio so it does not take up much space. Implemented in the Portfolio instead
Achievement badges Activity achievement badges: Portfolio and work activity showing Journal entries generated by other activities, could have an activity dedicated to show levels of achievement or badges earned by the done in other activities. While simple linear games like Maze or The writer is simple Turtle Art systematically define these awards, can not do something smart to analyze the quality of a drawing, a text or a melody. It could also be a space for the teacher provide feedback and reward achievement. We need to discuss this further.

Benefit to Sugar

The Journal is a central part of our learning model: the place of reflection. These features are intended to enhance reflection and assessment features of Sugar.


Most of the proposed changes are isolated to the Journal view in Sugar. Some changes would impact individual activities. The latter can be done incrementally.

UI Design

All features will be sub

How To Test

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