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[[Category:Feature|Multi selection screenshots]]
[[Category:FeatureLanded|Multi selection screenshots]]
== Owner ==
* Name:  [[User:Walter| Walter Bender]], [[User:Gonzalo| Gonzalo Odiard]], [[User:erikos| Simon Schampijer]], [[tch| Martin Abente]], [[User:Ajay| Ajay Garg]]
* Email: walter@sugarlabs.org, gonzalo@laptop.org, erikos@sugarlabs.org, tch@activitycentral.com, ajay@activitycentral.com
== History ==
The implementation is almost identical to the one done by Martin; details available at :
The only differences are ::
* More copy-to options :: Clipboard, Documents (in addition to mounted drives).
* When entries are copied to another location, both - the sources and the destinations - are de-selected automatically, without the user explicitly have to de-select them all manually.
* There has been a progress bar added for batch-operations.
== Basic utility of this feature ==
* This feature, merely does a loop-over for multiple entries. That is, the workflow and the end-result in the following two scenarios should be exactly the same ::
** Entries, E1, E2, E3 .... En, are operated upon one after the another, individually.
** Entries, E1, E2, E3 .... En, are selected together, and operated upon one after the another, as a single macro batch-operaton.
* Some particular use-cases ::
** Batch-operations <del>speeds up</del> makes XO-bundle installations more convenient, when multiple bundles are copied together from a USB drive to the journal. Thanks a ton to Sridhar Dhanapalan for the attention generated towards this (otherwise obscure) use-case.
== Typical copy-to workflow ==
=[Step 01] Initial "Journal" view=
=[Step 02] Initial "Documents" view=
=[Step 03] Select an entry in the journal. The Edit-Toolbar, signifying batch-operations, appears.=
=[Step 04] Select more entries in the Journal.=
=[Step 05] Click "Copy" toolbar button, and select to copy to "Documents" from the pop-up=
=[Step 06] The confirmation alert appears. Click 'OK'=
=[Step 07] If there ia any error for a entry, the message is displayed as an alert. Click 'OK' to continue.=
=[Step 08] Progress status for entry=
=[Step 09] Progress status for next entry. Note that the progress-status changed without any user convention=
=[Step 10] Final "Journal" view. Note that all the "source" entries are de-selected.=
=[Step 11] Final "Documents" view. Note that all "destination" entries are de-selected.=

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