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In a terminal (the Terminal Activity works):

Move to the folder with the file for the default Browse homepage.

cd /usr/share/sugar/activities/Browse.activity/data

Back up your current Browse start page by renaming it to index.html.bak.

mv index.html index.html.bak

Download the sample index.html file from http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/Modified-Browse.html

wget http://url/to/index.html

Start the Browse Activity. It should open to a page of custom links, rather than the normal Browse start page. Try clicking on a few links. If they go to the webpages indicated, the feature is working.

To undo your testing and restore the previous Browse default start page, change the filenames back so that the old file is once again named index.html.

mv index.html modified-bookmarks.html
mv index.html.bak index.html