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SimpleActivity is a module that does in a simple way things common to every Sugar activity; it also provides a much simpler way to implement sharing in an activity.


Current status

  • Last updated: 21/11/13
  • Percentage of completion: "100%"

Detailed Description

We have a lot of repeated code across our activities and some commonalities that can be consolidated. Also, why not make some things simpler, like creating the toolbar automatically with an activity icon.

Also included in this feature is SharedActivity, which is a class that derives from SimpleActivity, and does all the collaboration process by itself: you don't have to worry about dbus, tubes, telepathy, even about the service, path or interface name. SharedActivity will do everything for you.

You just define a list of "events" with the respective callbacks to execute when an event is received, and then start sending events!

Benefit to Sugar

Since this module makes it simpler to create an activity framework, developers new to Sugar can more readily make Sugar activities; in this way we may get more activities from a larger developer base.


This extension to the toolkit doesn't impact any existing work: developers can choose to use SimpleActivity/SharedActivtiy or continue doing everything as before.

How To Test

You can clone this demo activity which uses many SimpleActivity's features.

User Experience

Actually, the user won't be feel the difference, but we can make more Activities for him/her!


Nothing, just copy simpleactivity.py into your activity directory, and make everything simpler!


You can found the documentation in docstrings for now. Web docs soon.

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion

Should this be an extension to the toolkit? --Walter (talk) 21:28, 21 November 2013 (EST)