Features/SoaS Creation Station


A Custom Remix of Gnome Desktop with livecd-tools and spin-kickstarts

It can be either a liveCD or An Install CD.
Targeted Audience: Teachers, Experienced Users, and Deployments.
(still testing=looks like livecd-tools may use too many resources with the zyx-liveinstaller file structure) still testing 09/09/2010 tg
Managed to do build on 16Gb USB took 4+ hrs. NOT PRACTICAL (as need LVM structured install for enough room)08/14/2010
  • zyx-liveinstaller copies the SCS CD exactly (as It is running on Users Desktop.) Any personal customization is transferred to a normal file system on the users Hard Disk
zyx-liveinstaller (In fedora repositories) is included on the SCS.iso
CD also includes gparted; livecd-tools, spin-kickstarts.
liveinst(Anaconda) does not transfer the custom features of the SCS.iso
  • Coordination with the Remixability feature.Features/SoaS Remixability
  • May require using Anaconda with custom anaconda.cfg and .ks (If this is possible)


  • Email: satellit <at> bendbroadband <dot> com

Current status

Detailed Description

  • This CD will Provide the tools, including detailed instructions, for creating a custom Soas-remix.
  • References on how to use the SCS will be added to The Customization Guide.

Benefit to Sugar

Promotes our already-existing technical flexibility to customize Soas-v4 for Deployments and individuals.

  • add/delete desired applications to standard set on .iso
  • Targeted uses:
Multiple Language versions (Including EU Languages?)
e-book reader
Older students
  • Shared kickstart files e-mailed to SOAS and posted to wiki allow others to learn how to make a .ks file and try various remixes.
  • Posted links to a Catalog of prebuilt remix.iso's, with a description of their use and contents, allows less skilled users to use them.


The technical ability to create remixes has worked for a long time.

all entries labled xxxx-remix were built using these instructions:
  • Current
  • Archive:
Testing/Activity Test Table/Install_Test_Table#Test_results

The implementation of this feature depends on:

  • the editing of the Customization Guide
  • The creation of a wiki page

UI Design


How To Test

Features/SoaS Creation Station/Testing

  • 1-) Burn .iso to CD and boot from CD
  • 2-) Install to HD with zyx-liveinstaller (Icon is on desktop)
  • use partitioner (button at top of zyx-liveinstaller window) to partition HD
/boot 500 ext4
/ (balance of HD minus 10000)
swap 10000
exit partitioner "X" on top right of window
  • Hit -> arrow at bottom of zyx-liveinstaller
Select root (/); boot-(/boot); swap.
  • Hit -> arrow at bottom of zyx-liveinstaller to begin install
  • 3-)Reboot to HD when installer completes.
make a new directory on the Desktop "spin-kickstarts"

open terminal and enter this command:

cp /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/*.ks /home/(user)/Desktop/spin-kickstarts
Follow instructions on wiki: Talk:Features/SoaS Remixability#Build_Your_Own_Remix
  • 4-) Create your own Remix.iso with one of the .ks files in the Desktop spin-kickstarts folder
edit with gedit the .ks file to add programs etc; save with new name in spin-kickstarts folder
save-as to use new name of your .ks and then copy that name inot the following commands in a new gedit file:
livecd-creator \
--config=/home/(user)/Desktop/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-soas.ks \
--fslabel=SCS-v(2-3-4)-dd/mm/year-Remix --cache=/var/cache/live
copy-paste the above edited command to a root terminal:
cd Desktop
# Desktop

connect to internet and hit return and Build should begin..(up to 1 hr to finish )

Burn .iso to CD
Boot from new Remix

User Experience

Wider choices for users of Soas-v4 due to ability to Customize.


None that I know of.

Contingency Plan

Not Needed


Log of successful build on 8GB USB: Talk:Features/SoaS Creation Station

Instructions: http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/Build-Your-Own-Remix.txt

Remixability: Talk:Features/SoaS Remixability#Build_Your_Own_Remix

Release Notes

None Needed

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