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Add developer API documentation to sugar-toolkit-gtk3 in a consistent format. Then, create a site to make the docs available in your browser.


  • Name: Sam P.
  • Email: @sam.today

Current status

Detailed Description

  • Create a sphinx configuration file so we can have a website (DONE)
  • Translate existing docs into 1 consistent style
  • Write docs for all other public sugar3 classes, see /How To Write

Example Docstring

Let's just use google style doc strings, they are very clean and similar to the current style. Longer example.

# GPLv3...
The module does something which should be summarised here.

    Something representitive of the overall module::

        from example import ClassyClass

        # Explain non-obvious behaviour
        c = ClassyClass(a=1, b=2)
        c.props.c = 3


from gi.repository import GObject

class ClassyClass(GObject.GObject):
    The ClassyClass does blah, blah.  Explain common usage pattern of
    this class, such as calling the `thing` function to do a thing.

    The `lol` signal is emitted when the class is laughing or when a
    different non-obvious condition happens.

        a (int): description of a
        b (int): b could be a contrustor argument or a GObject props
            that you can invoke using the **kwargs
        c (int): desctiption of c
        d (:class:`sugar3.graphics.alert.Alert`): remember to link
            classes using the correct syntax

    .. code-block:: python

        c = ClassyClass()
        # This is just an example of using this class

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        GObject.GObject.__init__(self, **kwargs)

    def thing(self, happy, lol=False):
        What a description for this function!

            happy (bool): a description for happy

        Keyword Arguments:
            lol (bool): a optional argument, explain what
                it defaults to

            type: explaintaion

Benefit to Sugar

This will allow developers to create activities more eaisly. They will no longer have to look thought the source code th understand how the api works, they will instead (hopefully) have understandable docs with good working code samples.


This will require lots of changes in the docstrings. However, no changes will be made to code that runs on users machines.

UI Design

Example docs: http://dev.sam.today/ http://dev.sam.today/sugar3.graphics.alert/ http://dev.sam.today/sugar3.graphics.animator/

How To Test

  • View docs
  • Try code samples

User Experience

None for sugar users.



Contingency Plan


Release Notes

The Sugar Toolkit has improved API documentation. See https://developer.sugarlabs.org/sugar3/

Comments and Discussion