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  • On your PC:
  1. Download ASLOxo.iso from http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/ASLOxo-2+ss.tar.bz2
  2. transfer the contents of the extracted folder to 2nd 1GB USB ASLOxo stick
  • Boot a Soas USB or a running Soas CD
  1. insert ASLOxo USB into a USB slot, wait for it to mount.
  2. select journal on top of sugar's frame.
  3. drop down to bottom left corner of screen, the frame will retract and show 2 USB Icons.
  4. select the 2nd (right) USB (ASLOxo)
  5. drag-drop the desired application.xo (hold down the left button and drag the entry) from the listing into the sugar-journal on the bottom (left USB icon) corner of the monitor.
  6. OR double click on application.xo in the list of the ASLOxo USB.
  • The Application
  1. should start normally.
  2. shut down normally
  3. Collaborate if that is a feature
  4. resume from the saved journal