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Changes to the datastore object should be in sync between Journal and an activity.


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Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.88
  • Last updated: 09.12.2009
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

We have the issue that the information about a datastore entry is not always the same in the Journal and in the activity. For example, if you use the Journal to edit ANY of the metadata (favourite star state, title, description, tags, while that activity entry is running, switching focus to that activity and back to the Journal will wipe all your changes (#1358).

Benefit to Sugar

I have actually seen this error leading to significant data loss in the field. Learners adding a detailed description to a Journal entry or changing the title while the activity is still open wipes out the data when switching back to the activity.


Sugar and Sugar-toolkit

UI Design

No, backend work

How To Test

Features/Sync datastore object changes/Testing

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Sugar and Sugar-toolkit

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Release Notes

The Sugar Release Notes inform end-users about what is new in the release. An Example is 0.84/Notes. The release notes also help users know how to deal with platform changes such as ABIs/APIs, configuration or data file formats, or upgrade concerns. If there are any such changes involved in this feature, indicate them here. You can also link to upstream documentation if it satisfies this need. This information forms the basis of the release notes edited by the release team and shipped with the release.

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