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This feature provides a new field in the presence server buddy mechanism for identifying teachers.


  • Email: <walter AT sugarlabs DOT org> <gonzalo AT sugarlabs DOT org>

Current status

  • Targeted release: 1.0
  • Last updated: 29 July 2013
  • Percentage of completion: 50% (buddy.py is finished. we need to add a corresponding mechanism for visualizing teachers in the GUI)

Detailed Description

Benefit to Sugar


The feature requires:

  • adding a new field to sugar3/presence/buddy.py
  • a new icon for a teacher XO
  • a test in jarabe/buddyicon.py for the teacher buddy

UI Design

How To Test

Features/Teacher Buddy/Testing

User Experience

student visualizing Journal use
Simply by launching the Analyze Journal activity, a student can see a display of their activity usage, both based on instances and on the number of times each instance has been launched. Analyze Journal saves a datastore object associated with the activity that contains a json-encoded summary.
  • what additional data should be captured? Is an accumulation of launch-times per activity adequate? Do we need to worry about change over time or just the current stats?
  • is it important that this be available as a background task as well? If so, when and how often?
  • or could launching it while the teacher is running Journal Share (or some equivalent) be used as an opportunity for a background upload?
uploading student Journal use to the teacher's laptop
Once the aforementioned modifications to Analyze Journal are made, the Journal Share mechanism could be used directly to upload a student's activity usage to the teacher.
  • is this something that is better done as a background task? If so, when and how often?
visualizing classroom statistics
A few different ways in which this could happen. A new activity [NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN], similar to Analyze Journal, could be written to aggregate the stats uploaded by the students into one unified visualization. Or the classroom data could be sent out to a webservice [NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN] that provides cumulative statistics.
  • is this something that is better done as a background task? If so, when and how often?
setting the favorites view on a classroom full of laptops
Might be worthwhile doing from Journal Share [NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN]. Or do we want it to be background? Best if used with multi-homeview patch 5.
distributing activities to a classroom full of laptops
Seems that adding this to Journal Share would be intuitive and logical [NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN].
How do we identify the teacher laptop? Using the 'age' field?
What are the privacy concerns?
Is this always running? Or only running when the teacher is running Journal Share?


Contingency Plan

No impact as this is a new feature.


Some discussions with the design team regarding the placement of the buttons on the palettes.

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion