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Fedora/MATE desktop

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Mate.pngMATE Desktop

  • updated Dec 18 2013

Gnome3 with mate running in VB.png

(mate 1.5.5 running in VirtualBox on Fedora 18 GNOME 3 Desktop)
  • Installed in GNOME 3 root terminal with
yum groupinstall MATE-Desktop 
Click on link ^ for terminal output of update
Note use of CAPS in command
  • Fedora 20 Netinstall installs mate 1.6.1
Nice GNOME 2 alternate desktop
Originally developed for Linux Mint
(#mate and #fedora-mate on freenode IRC )
  • Fedora Download:



mate-desktop Wiki


Fedora 20 netinstall

Add Sugar to MATE Desktop

yum groupinstall sugar-desktop sugar-runner
yum install sugar-runner @sugar-desktop
chose MATE or sugar on login
  • Add to Existing Desktop Environment:
root terminal
yum install @mate-desktop
yum groupinstall MATE-Desktop