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Fedora 22

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some of the older versions listed here ^ may be security risks- for archive purposes only


Download F22
Released version

Release Notes

f22 Nightly test results

Listing of all test pages on wiki

Links to latest builds

  • For latest Builds builds (and links to them) see:
Builds since Beta Release (f23 rawhide and f22 branched)



Download links are on the following pages
  • Installation:
  • Base:
  • Workstation and Desktop:
  • Server:
  • Cloud:
  • Summary:
  • Current Blocker and Freeze Exception bugs:

Common f22 Bugs

Testing f22

If not done a spin may be dropped.
  • Listing of all tests:
  • Look here for Older testing

KDE testing with calamares-0.17.0-7 installer

Links to screen shots^

"Distribution-independent installer framework "

  • experimental live installer for KDE
  • Latest Calamares:
In root terminal of booted live DVD:
yum install calamares

KDE menu: search for calamares "Install to Hard Disk Drive"

  • Alternate method in terminal:
kdesu -t calamares
Install Soas with calamares
  • Tested in gnome-boxes (20150114)
  • Alternative installer from liveinst (anaconda)
In root terminal of booted live DVD:
yum install calamares

DNF System Upgrade

Soas-pineapple.svg f22-Soas-Beta-x86_64 VirtualBox

  • Import and run in VirtualBox (OS agnostic)
04/18/2015 Beta Release
  • root
  • user=sugar
not started - Users Sugar Id is not yet set
8-GB VirtualBox hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)

Using UEFI with QEMU

Installing VirtualBox in fedora

Add Workstation to another DE (SoaS)

yum groupinstall "Fedora Workstation" --skip-broken

Workaround to start sugar-runner in workstation

  • Change desktop file in /usr/share/applications:
add --resolution 1024x768
#gedit /usr/share/applications/sugar-runner.desktop

Sugar-runner change resolution.png

This fix is needed to make sugar-runner start correctly from the XO icon
in f21-workstation bare metal install
installed with # "yum install @sugar-desktop sugar-runner" .
  • Notes: 11/16/2014

You must navigate root terminal to /user/share/applications/

gedit sugar-runner.desktop
edit the Exec line and save
Restart Workstation before the changes will work

Loss of wifi

listed as f22 alpha FE

source: The"... core of NetworkManager smaller and more flexible by splitting out Wi-Fi support into the NetworkManager-wifi package. If you don’t have or don’t use Wi-Fi on your system, you don’t need to install stuff for it and you can save some disk space and RAM. If you suddenly find yourself without Wi-Fi, find a wired network connection and:"

dnf install NetworkManager-wifi
systemctl restart NetworkManager

yum is depreciated in f22 to dnf


      yum - /usr/bin/yum to /usr/bin/dnf redirecting executable
      YUM  executable is now powered by DNF.  If you are sure you really want
      to use YUM, it is still available as yum-deprecated.


      · dnf.conf(8), DNF Configuration Reference
      · yum2dnf(8),
      · DNF                project                homepage                 (‐
      · Fedora                  wiki                  page                 (‐

f22 dnf commands

dnf --help
List of available dnf commands

dnf GROUP listings

dnf -v grouplist
use the group names shown in (parenthesis) to install
dnf group list hidden -v
List of hidden groups


RPM Fusion

"RPM Fusion provides software that the Fedora Project or Red Hat doesn't want to ship."


"Copr (Cool Other Package Repo) is a Fedora project to help make building and managing third party package repositories easy."

Fedora 22 Multi-Desktop

  • 4 live isos in one DVD


  • How To:
  • Ticket:

Build Your own

su -c './multiboot-media-creator/ \
     -i {Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64,Fedora-Live-SoaS-x86_64,Fedora-Live-LXDE-x86_64}.iso \
    --bootdefault Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64.iso \
    --target Fedora-22-Multi-Boot-3.iso \
    --targetname Fedora-22-Multi-Desktop-3'


Write up to 20 USB's at once from a live.iso

Video: Use gnome-disks to create a live USB


Cinnamon liveusb-creator f21.png

Version 2014-11-26 :: v3.13.1
   "Support a new destructive mode that uses dd to copy the iso directly to the device. This method tends to be more reliable,
   and requires ​hybrid ISOs, which Fedora have been producing for a long time.
   Added a new --dd command-line option
   DVD iso support with the 'Overwrite device' method..."
Displays a blank window on F22+ (due to qt4 issue with Xshm when X not run as root)
  • Download this update to fix it in workstation:

Testing of liveusb-creator

Sugar-0.102.0-rawhide-VirtualBox appliance

Import into VirtualBox
8 GB importable appliance
Not initialized for sugar identity
user=sugar pswd=sugaruser

Experimental (proposed) Cinnamon spin

  • Available in f23 as live

Cinnamon f21.png

  • f21 Cinnamon live F21Live-Cinnamon-x86_64-20141221 installed to bare metal
being tested in liveusb-creator screenshot

text install with boot.iso

  • boot USB or CD of boot.iso
hit [tab]
added to command line

F22 text install.JPG

text install with live DVD\CD

Boot live DVD\CD
login to root
liveinst -T
  • To get a graphical login:
login to after boot
systemctl set-default


Upgrade to rawhide from an existing installation


gcc-5 in f22

Creating the anaconda bootiso with lorax=

boot BFO

  • "(BFO) is a way to boot hosts in order to run install or other types of media via the network. It works similarly to a pxeboot environment."

Exporting and Importing gnome-boxes installs

  • " is an umbrella phrase for the planning for the next decade of the Fedora Project.""

Workstation Release Criteria

Forbidden Items in fedora

fedora packages

Type name to search

Planning for Workstation 22

Planning Ideas

f22 Changes Set

Proposed changes for f22

Testing Ideas


Fedora QA Calendar

  • Fedora QA meeting schedule

Fedoraproject Status

fedoraproject network status