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T.E.X.T. Adventure

About the Game

This game is being made to help 4th graders understand math concepts including: Basic Algebra, operations with Fractions, and operations with decimals.

How to Play


In normal mode, players can click on doors to progress to check that door and see if it is unlocked. If the door is unlocked, they progress to the next room.

In "gameboy mode" the player can use the arrow pad on the left of the screen to check the door in that direction. If the door is unlocked, they progress to the next room.


When the player moves into a room containing enemies, a battle will start. Battle will be carried out by means of "clashes." Each clash represents a possible attack or action, and will be shown as a math problem that the player will have to solve. The player will enter the answer in normal mode by clicking on the text field at the bottom of the screen, and entering the numerical answer using the number keys on the keyboard. In "gameboy mode" there will be a numberpad on-screen, and the player will be able to highlight a number or symbol with the directional pad, and select by pressing one of the keys on the right side.


The player can access the shop any time not in battle during the game by pressing one of the right side buttons. Once in the shop, the player can select an item by using the directional pad, or by clicking on it. Once the item is selected, its price will be displayed as a relational math problem which the player must solve. The answer is entered the same way as in combat.

Creators and Contact Info

Eric Kenvin


Jonathan Meschino


Preston Johnson


David Silverman



- Have the players defeat monsters and solve puzzles by solving math questions

- Have a small on-screen map to help players navigate through the dungeon

Developer's Section

Group meeting at Game Design Lab on Saturday at 6pm - 8pm

Weekly meetings same place 5-7pm every Thursday.

All meetings are there unless you hear something different.