Fortune Hunter/Developer's Corner


Active Members

Members listed here are actively working on the project.


Contribution: Environment Artist, Designer


Contribution: Programmer


Contribution: Programmer

Interested in helping with Fortune Hunter™? Please contact us. We are always seeking programmers, artists, testers, and anyone else to join our team.
Download the current version of the game here to play and check out the code!
To install as an activity, copy the MAFH.activity folder into your Activities directory, and restart. The MAFH™ activity will then be in the list of activities.

Inactive Members

Members listed here are not actively working on the project, but may be contacted for questioning or consult purposes.


Contribution: Producer, Designer, General Artist, Programmer


Contribution: Programmer, Designer

Preston Johnson (3rd Year @ RIT)


Contribution: Programmer, Audio Artist, Designer


Contribution: Character Artist


Consultants are individuals not working on the project who are valuable resources and have helped or express desire to help in many different aspects.

Association: Red Hat, Sugar Labs

Association: Sugar on a Stick

We appreciate all of your help and suggestions. Thank you!

Development Meetings

RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) is located in Rochester, New York, United States.

We work Monday through Thursday regularly in RIT's Innovation Center (Building 78).


Future Development

In progress... future goals will be listed when project team is disbanned.

Bugs/ Fixes

  • Please review and submit bugs to our trac

Game Suggestions

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- You guys are doing an awesome job! Can't wait to see more.