Fortune Hunter/Fortune Maker

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Fortune Maker™ (Custom User Game Creation Feature)

Make your own fortune with Fortune Maker! This feature is a separate XO activity and will give teachers and students the ability to create and manipulate their own version of the game, choosing such things as level layout, problem enemy types, and game difficulty. This activity is an easy to use graphical interface creation tool that works hand in hand with the game to inspire creativity in all users up for the task.
When opening Fortune Maker™, you will come to the main screen. Fill out the form with a dungeon name, width and height, and description. Then click on the ‘create’ button. The next screen will show a grid layout of the dungeon. From here, you will be able to specify room conditions by dragging and dropping items from the toolbar. You can add doors, enemies, and items to each room as well as specify any special conditions for the room such as puzzles or adding a shop. Once you are happy with the room, you can back out and do the same with every other room. From here, you can edit the properties of each element. When you are happy with your dungeon, you can click on the ‘save dungeon’ button. Fortune Maker™ will then generate an output file that the game itself can read and interpret. You will then be able to play your own custom maps or stories!
More information coming soon...