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This page presents the status of the project "Implement help mechanism for activities using Mallard". This project is being implemented as a GSoC 2013 project.

Although the initial proposal was to use Mallard for the help mechanism, the research done and the progress of the project proved that simply using the current help content would serve the purpose. Therefore with the approval of the mentors, the implementation with Mallard is dropped.


  • Implement a help mechanism to view Help in the Activity
  • Support l10n for help content
  • Write help for more activities
  • Improve current help activity


View help for the Activity in the help itself

Help content for the current Activity can be viewed in the Activity itself. It will pop up in a window when the user enters the key combination ctrl+shift+h. If there is no help content for the Activity, an error message will be written to the log. I have used the bundle_id of the Activity to match it with the corresponding help content file (in html).

Support help content localization

For the help content I have generated the POT files using sphinx internationalization tools. The POT files are submitted to help_content project in Pootle with the emmense support of Chris. The help content is being translated.

Update Help activity

Update current help content


  • Implement a mechanism to show help content based on the current language
  • Send current help content to Pootle be translated
  • Write help for activities