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This is the project page for the Sugar Labs application to Google Code In. Sugar Labs community members: please feel free to add tasks below. We'll do an edit before final applications are due on 28 Oct 2013.

Message to potential participants

It is important that you obtain permission of your parents.

Es importante que obtengas el permiso de tus padres para participar.

Please see the Contest Rules for Eligibility and Registration process.

Details regarding the required forms and paperwork are here: Google Code In 2013/Participate#Students.

Why we are participating

Sugar is written and maintained by volunteers, who range from seasoned professionals to children as young as 12-years of age. Children who have grown up with Sugar have transitioned from Sugar users to Sugar App developers to Sugar maintainers. They hang out on IRC with the global Sugar developer community and are full-fledged members of the Sugar development team. It is this latter group of children we hope will participate in and benefit from Google Code-in. Specifically we want to re-enforce the message that Sugar belongs to its users and that they have both ownership and the responsibility that ownership implies. Just as learning is not something done to you, but something you do, learning with Sugar ultimately means participating in the Sugar development process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for us to get some tasks accomplished, it is quintessential to our overall mission.


Tasks must fall within one of these five categories:

Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
Quality Assurance
Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality.
User Interface
Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction
Title Description Hours Mentor Category Tag
Portfolio videos Add a mechanism for exporting .ogv (voice over still images) of a portfolio presentation 20 walterbender Code activity
Abacus gestures Add gestures to resize custom abacus| 20 walterbender Code activity
Portfolio videos Add a mechanism for exporting .ogv (voice over still images) of a portfolio presentation 20 walterbender Code activity
Activity/Journal views Activities list view is very similar to Journal view and users delete activities instead of journal entries UI activity
Sugar version Reject activity bundles which require a newer version of Sugar Code sugar
Multiple school servers can't register with multiple school servers Code sugar
Neighborhood view Neighbourhood view icons should be placed in a spatially repeatable way UI sugar
Force close No way to force-close (kill) an activity Code toolkit
Screenshot Touch: make take screenshot available UI sugar
Brightness mode Touch: change brightness and mode UI sugar
OSK design Shift key on OSK looks the same in all modes UI sugar
Mic volume Set audio capture volumes Code sugar
Bug reporting inform user about exceptions, offer to file a bug report Code sugar
Multi-person send Send a file to more than one person at a time Code sugar
Filter for bundles Add journal filter for .xo bundles Code sugar
Screensaver add a screensaver to Sugar Code sugar
Network forget Network, forget, or remove as favourite Code sugar
Release hidden resources provide framework code for releasing resources while hidden Code sugar
setlocale class Activity should setlocale Code toolkit
Upgrade restrictions Sugar should not offer to upgrade system activities Code sugar
Transfer all metadata transfer entire data store entry, including arbitrary metadata Code sugar
Journal progress Journal file actions need progress/busy indication Code sugar
CDMA modems Sugar should support CDMA modems as well as GSM Code sugar
Proxies Sugar should directly get proxy settings from gconf gonzalo_odiard Code sugar
rfkill Radio/wireless control should interact with rfkill Code sugar
set mimetypes set mimetype in detail view Code sugar
Drag to clipboard Be able to drag and drop items from Journal to clipboard Code sugar
Absolute date/time Show absolute date in creation time sort mode Code sugar
Time filters Time filter only cuts off the end of the list instead of offering disjunct time spans Code sugar
Canvas-only screenshot Add modifier to take screenshot only with the canvas Code sugar
View Source paths Reveal path to View source entries Code toolkit
Stop pulsing icon Stop start-up icon pulsing when an activity fails to start Code toolkit
Icon-slicer dependency remove icon-slicer dependency Code activity
Activity-specific metadata Journal should support display of activity-specific metadata walter Code sugar
gtk-accelerator Use gtk_accelerator_parse() instead of egg for key handling Code sugar
Show progress on install Installing an activity should show progress information Code sugar
fullscreen property expose _is_fullscreen as a window property walter Code activity
Duplicate progress bar duplicate function in view source needs progress bar walter Code toolkit
Supported mimetypes Get supported audio and video mime types from gstreamer Code toolkit
Set time Allow Sugar users to adjust clock time and date Code sugar
Additional folders in Journal Add other folders to Journal Code sugar
Wifi rescan Sugar needs method to force wifi network rescan Code sugar
forced view updates Sugar needs method to force Buddy/Shared Activities Network view update Code sugar
Button design Toolbar overflow button: add a better looking arrow walter UI sugar
Language control panel Language CP module displays combo text in 2nd preferred language Code sugar
MessageBox Toolkit: add MessageBox manuq Code toolkit
Image preview on clipboard sugar: implement preview on clipboard button for images Code sugar
Use latest toolbars in MYOSA examples Make Your Own Sugar Activities! describes our current toolbar code as "new" and uses the old style in examples. Correct this. James Simmons Code activity


Please refer to Google Code In 2013/Participate#Mentors for details regarding enrolling as a mentor.
Please add yourself to the list below.
Feel free to add new tasks to the table above.

Depending on the project, we will assign multiple mentors from our various development and support teams.

  • Walter Bender - also org admin for GCI
  • Martin Abente
  • Sandra Thaxter
  • James Simmons