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A Sugar Distribution for Humans with Good Intentions

Hexoquinasa is a Sugar Distribution based on Harmonic Distribution developed jointly by SomosAZUCAR and Sugar Labs's Platform Team in collaboration with the Sugar community.

It has been strategically designed to support the active involvement of the Sugar Labs Perú Local Lab with the Peruvian OLPC XO Deployment.

Our technical goal is usability and supportability in difficult deployment scenarios (such as remote, offline deployments).

However Hexoquinasa also has a social component: Hexoquinasa will emphasize software freedom, community building, native language support and content distribution among peers and the wider Sugar community.

Features planned in version 1 (June 1 2012)

Testing Phase in Comas, Perú (May 2012)

Will work on:

  • Documenting deployment strategy to interface with Ministry of Education of Perú
  • Feedback to developers