How to connect Sugar to a Jabber network

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Jabber networks link Sugar users to each other in order to chat, interact and collaborate. There are global Sugar Jabber networks, or regional ones hosted by organizations and individuals around the world. You can choose whichever Jabber network you wish to connect to. Connecting Sugar to one of these networks will greatly enhance your Sugar experience.

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Connecting to a community jabber server

If you want to connect quickly, simply open terminal. Then type the following commands :

sugar-control-panel -s jabber jabber.server.url

replace jabber.server.url with the jabber server you with to use

then restart Sugar (warning: close activities first to save) by pressing ctrl+alt+erase, then go to the neighborhood view and have fun!

 But what if you wish to connect to one of several jabber servers because you
 belong to several communities/SIGs?  I can live with one-at-a-time, but it
 would be wonderful if I could pick from a list I've created.  Or at least a
 list of jabber servers I've previously connected to.  How about a syntax for
 "choice <n> from file <x>" and "show me choices in file <x>"? -- davewa