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This list was brainstormed as ideas for High School student groups, however, its totally appropriate for everyone from teens to grannies. Use this as a starting point and follow your own interests and skills.


  • Create instructions, tutorials or videos for the hundreds of activities for Sugar that currently lack them.
  • Translate existing documentation.
  • Scavenger hunt for what documentation and information there is about an activity and how its used and bring all that information together. This is especially good for Spanish speakers/learners as much of the usage is in South America.


  • Translate documentation and activities to your own language, perhaps with the help of others such as parents with better language skills.
  • Translate an interesting post from the Spanish speaking list and post it on the English speaking list, or vice versa.

Get Sugar on a Stick to work on your computers

  • Document what you did and any problems.
  • Document what your computer is: chipsets, specs, etc.
  • Test performance on different types of equipment and help us find out what are the limiting factors.

Take Sugar on a Stick to your old elementary school

  • Do a lesson in the computer lab.
  • Work with a teacher and create a lesson aligned with the curriculum. Post the lesson plan, how it went and what curriculum standards it aligns to - Just imagine if we could get thousands of high school students doing a dozen of these each!
  • Make a documentary of kids using Sugar.


To sugarize means taking a program like Tux Paint or GCompris and making it use Sugar's special features of saving automatically to the Journal, sharing and collaboration. Many programs need sugarizing:

  • All the different GCompris pieces
  • TuxPaint
  • Scratch
  • Many others that I don't know off the top of my head

Moodle Integration - Sugar already has single sign-on but there is so much more to do:

  • Launching a Sugar activity from Moodle
  • Letting a teacher create a Moodle activity that launches an activity in Sugar and then automatically saves to the Moodle drop box
  • What-you-Paint-is-What-you-Get (wypiwig) plug-in for Moodle

School server:

  • Set up an XS and document what you did.
  • Test scalability of XS and Jabber.