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This list was brainstormed as ideas for High School student groups, however, its totally appropriate for everyone from teens to grannies. Use this as a starting point and follow your own interests and skills.

See also these project ideas: Summer of Code/2014 | Google Code In 2013 | Summer of Code/2012


  • Create instructions, tutorials or videos for the hundreds of activities for Sugar that currently lack them.
  • Translate existing documentation.
  • Scavenger hunt for what documentation and information there is about an activity and how its used and bring all that information together. This is especially good for Spanish speakers/learners as much of the usage is in South America.


  • Translate documentation and activities to your own language, perhaps with the help of others such as parents with better language skills.
  • Translate an interesting post from the Spanish speaking list and post it on the English speaking list, or vice versa.

Get Sugar on a Stick to work on your computers

  • Document what you did and any problems.
  • Document what your computer is: chipsets, specs, etc.
  • Test performance on different types of equipment and help us find out what are the limiting factors.

Take Sugar on a Stick to your old elementary school

  • Do a lesson in the computer lab.
  • Work with a teacher and create a lesson aligned with the curriculum. Post the lesson plan, how it went and what curriculum standards it aligns to - Just imagine if we could get thousands of high school students doing a dozen of these each!
  • Make a documentary of kids using Sugar.


To sugarize means taking a program like Tux Paint or GCompris and making it use Sugar's special features of saving automatically to the Journal, sharing and collaboration. Many programs need sugarizing:

  • All the different GCompris pieces
  • TuxPaint
  • Scratch
  • Many others that I don't know off the top of my head

Moodle Integration - Sugar already has single sign-on but there is so much more to do:

  • Launching a Sugar activity from Moodle
  • Letting a teacher create a Moodle activity that launches an activity in Sugar and then automatically saves to the Moodle drop box
  • What-you-Paint-is-What-you-Get (wypiwig) plug-in for Moodle

School server:

  • Set up an XS and document what you did.
  • Test scalability of XS and Jabber


  • Work out how to print with software-locked XOs and school servers in locked cages, where no software can be installed by school personnel, and printers may not be attached to the XSs. This is the situation in Uruguay.
  • We can transfer files on USB drives for printing. We would like a networked solution.
  • Contact Mokurai to join this project.