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Maintain and develop the collaboration and web-presence infrastructure of Sugar Labs.

We use this mailing list for discussions,

BOFH Keyboard.gif


See the Infrastructure Team/Resources page for a list organized by machine, with admin contacts. (sunjammer) (sunjammer)

  • API documentation. (OSL)

  • Gitorious instance for projects hosting (Solution Grove)

  • Lesson plans
  • Relevant reading materials
  • Related activities (solarsail)

  • This is intended for filing Sugar bugs unrelated to any particular platform and for code reviews.
  • We are also considering TracForge. (sunjammer/solarsail) (solarsail)

  • sugar-devel
  • devel-annouce
  • systems
  • release-team
  • iaep (dogi)

  • meeting logs as recorded by MeetBot (solarsail)

  • Aggregator including blogs of the core team, activity authors, deployments. (sunjammer)

  • Shell accounts for developers. (sunjammer)

  • Personal home pages (solarsail)

  • This wiki. (sunjammer)

  • Authenticated FTP service for users. Only allows TLS AUTH (ftps). (solarsail) (sunjammer)

  • Asterisk PBX installation for local users (Solution Grove)

  • Development school server

  • Inactive
  • Project blog to to make it easier for people to follow what's happening in Sugar Labs land. Walter's community news could be published through this too.