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Team coordinator

Bernie Innocenti

Support and administrative requests

Please, do not cc multiple administrative contacts in the same email. If you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, please ping one of us by email or IRC.

User accounts
<accounts AT sugarlabs DOT org>
See also Service/Account
Sugar Labs web site and wiki
<webmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org>
See also Service/wiki
Git project hosting
<gitmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org>
See also Service/git
Sugar Planet
<planetmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org>
See also Sysadmin/Planet_syndication_request, Service/planet
DNS Management and Domains Registration
<hostmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org>
See also Service/Nameservers
Other requests
<sysadmin AT sugarlabs DOT org>

Team Contacts

Services status

Notifications for planned service outages are posted ahead of time on our "It's An Education Project" (iaep) list (check the Mailing Lists page).

Sysadmin Contacts

For problems with a specific service (e.g. this wiki)
consult the specific Service page for a list of sysadmin contacts
For problems with a server (e.g. sunjammer)
consult the specific Machine page for a list of sysadmin contacts
For anything else
your friendly sysadmins can be contacted at <sysadmin AT sugarlabs DOT org>

Core admins

For urgent matters, the core Sugar Labs sysadmins are:

For any non-urgent business, preferably use the official administrative contacts instead of contacting any individual system administrator directly.