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Help wanted

Contact Bernie Innocenti if you can offer hardware, hosting or help setting up new services and maintaining existing ones.

Admins are generally required to send a GPG signed copy of USENIX's SAGE System Administrators' Code of Ethics before taking service.

The sysadmins coordinate mostly through #sugar and #sugar-meeting on Freenode, and the Systems mailing-list. We also have weekly meetings.

See Infrastructure Team/TODO for a list of tasks we need to get done.

Volunteer responsibly!

Contributors of free software projects are not generally expected a minimum level of performance. However, maintaining infrastructure is a job of high responsibility. The fact that you're not being paid does not mean that it's OK to abandon your post without notice!

If you choose to maintain or co-maintain a piece of the Sugar Labs infrastructure, you agree to:

  • Assume full personal responsibility for the performance and security of your service
  • Take reasonable steps to avoid the risk of data loss and downtime
  • Keep the corresponding Service or Machine documentation page up to date
  • Try to respond quickly to problems reported by users
  • When you no longer have time, step down responsibly: find a new maintainer and help them take over your duties smoothly
  • If that is not possible, clearly announce that the service is being discontinued and help cleanup all resources used by it.

Remember, "with great power comes great responsibility!" -- Peter Parker

Great careers

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