Karma:Meeting 08 Sep 2009

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Outdated Meeting notes
  1. Joshua Gay's involvement -- he is MIA
  2. Bob's(Vaibhaw) involvement
  3. Use launchpad for blueprints and bug tracking
  4. road to v0.1 (due on Friday!)
    1. which areas need most attention until then?
    2. add chaining -- subzero
    3. should have to to k.library.[..].draw(klayers["topLt"].ctx, ...) shouldn't have to specify "ctx" every time --subzero
    4. need to add start, quit buttons to "adding_up" -- bryanwb
    5. stop "adding_up" from crashing all the time -- subzero
    6. decide if i18n support by friday is feasible -- it isn't, for next week
    7. problem using adding_up w/ google chrome from k.sl.o -- bryanwb
    8. clean up code in the git repo -- bryan and subzero
    9. add SL logo to www.karmaeducation.org -- bryan
    10. lots of bugs in accessing sounds and images -- bryan
    11. fix sound 'stuttering' -- subzero HIGH Priority
    12. get "adding_Up" running on the XO -- bryan?
    13. refactor "Quadrilaterals" to use KSurface-- subzero
    14. integrate adding_up w/ chakra and knavbar -- bryan
    15. add kid's voices to "adding_up" -- bryan
    16. article for olpcnews.com -- bryan
  5. Possible changes for jquery.karma.js
    1. will use KSurface instead of KLayer
    2. initialize ksurfaces in k.init? -- yes
    3. k.library.images or k.images ? -- k.library.images for now
    4. add error checking if assets don't exist? -- subzero
  6. status of subzero's paperwork for his thesis
  7. look at Chakra / knavbar
    1. any changes desired? -- subzero wants different background colors
    2. need alternative to adding code by hand
  8. help functionality -- bryan will ask kcd what he meant by this
  9. tracking bugs for karma -- will use launchpad