Karma:Meeting 21 December 2009

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  1. Coding Style
  2. common HTML mistakes
  3. Let's try to use a common js coding pattern
 Put code in following order
 1) variable declarations
 2) method declarations
 3) method calls
 Unobtrusive JavaScript
  1. common js problems, no blocks around ifs, ' ' eval, ==, var methodName = function(){}
  2. managing code for lessons in repos, versioning
  3. Using draggable()?
 Vaibhaw will take look at jquery UI's draggable and see if useful
  1. Create common widgets? Scorebox? timer? -- yes we need all of them
  Bryan will look at dialog for help, playAgain
  Bryan will add shuffle() to Karma
  1. layout of karma lesson
  2. timeline? milestones?
  Vaibhaw will complete all 60 by March
  1. We need resolution help! at least I do
  Bryan will check w/ Om to see if lesson dimensions will be part of UI design
  1. Workflow - have Om review it?