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{{Obsolete | Outdated meeting notes}}
Agenda Items
Agenda Items
# Status of "Adding up to 10"
# Status of "Adding up to 10"

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Outdated meeting notes

Agenda Items

  1. Status of "Adding up to 10"
  1. Review project timeline
  2. Meeting w/ olpc-ph, tell them how they can use karma when they are ready to develop content
    1. Want to have basic spec ready
    2. basic utilities
    3. 1 demo activity w/ i18n
  3. i18n issues
    1. inline html -- need an no_html function like this $(':contains(no_html("The big score is")):last')
    2. inline text and attribute text in same tag
    3. always load string at page load or generate localized html files?
  4. Discuss Christoph's involvement
  5. Using karma.js instead of setup.py
  6. Use surf as default?
  7. discuss bundle layout and structure of karma repo
    1. mandala / main -- w/ links to the examples
    2. using narwhal
    3. where to put assets, locale directories?